Reading For Fun While Being A Student?

I  have been a student for quite some time; counting from my first year of preschool (I had two years because my parents kept me in that class a second year because I was really short and they had hoped I’d “grow into” my class. I’m 4 feet 8 inches tall now. We can see how well THAT strategy worked out…), I am currently in my 20th consecutive year of school. I can’t even remember a time when I haven’t been a student. Being a student is a standard part of my life; everything else gets worked around that.

This includes reading. I LOVE reading, but it more often than not takes a backseat to my student life because it’s not something that (usually) has deadlines and requirements that I need to take care of in a time-sensitive manner. Reading is something that is just there when I want it, and while that’s a great thing, there is still the issue of making time for it.

How does one make time to read while being a student? I honestly have no idea.

I am one who doesn’t do well with routines; I get off-track very easily, and when I get off-track one time the entire routine shuts down almost entirely and I have to start over from scratch. If I read an hour every day for four weeks straight and then miss the next day accidentally, I am FAR more likely to miss the next several days as well than to get back on track and read for an hour during those days. I’m also someone who has trouble sitting and reading for short periods of time because my attention really needs to be focused on what I’m doing, so reading for a few minutes here and there on my commute or while I’m waiting for something doesn’t really work for me.

What usually ends up happening for me is I’ll find a longer block of time where I’m available to sit and read at LEAST one section of a book. If a book is divided into sections (like sections made up of chapters), I can put a book down at the end of a section most of the time. I can usually work with breaking a book into two or four pieces (not literally) and putting the book down at the end of each of those pieces. I also tend to read a lot of books straight through in one sitting. My best reading sessions allow me to make large strides through a book; I feel much better reading this way.

This strategy can be something of a problem, though, when being a student severely reduces the amount of time you have available to block off for reading.

This is where I turn to you: if you’re a student (or have been one in the past), how do you find the time to read? What are your reading habits like as a student? Do you have any tips for increasing the amount of time you spend reading as a student? Let me know in the comments!

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